Awkward grammar appals a craftsman. A Dada bard as daft as Tzara damns stagnant art and scrawls an alpha (a slapdash arc and a backward zag) that mars all stanzas and jams all ballads (what a scandal). A madcap vandal crafts a small black ankh – a hand-stamp that can stamp a wax pad and at last plant a mark that sparks an _ars magna_ (an abstract art that charts a phrasal anagram). A pagan skald chants a dark saga (a Mahabharata), as a papal cabal blackballs all annals and tracts, all dramas and psalms: Kant and Kafka, Marx and Marat. A law as harsh as a _fatwa_ bans all paragraphs that lack an A as a standard hallmark.
— Christian Bök, Eunoia ‎· revolutionary in paperback
но читать унивокалики конечно практически невозможно. впрочем, есть вещица под названием Oiseau ‎· revolutionary in paperback