The sweet music of a thousand hidden radio transmitters filled the countryside and brought heavenly sound to the pastoral landscape. Such harmony, thought Jerry contentedly, that only The Beatles could achieve; such a perfect combination. From the circle of US and Russian Navy radio ships surrounding and protecting Britain, the same synchronised record played to all the people everywhere. Was there ever such a Utopia? he wondered as he left the subsidiary road and hit the main drag, joining the racing rainbow stream of cars on the multilane highway.
— Michael Moorcock, A Cure for Cancer ‎· плот страстей человеческих
Sabotage was only a sideline with Jerry Cornelius, but he prided himself that he was good at it. “What do you achieve,” a girl had once asked him, stroking the muscles of his stomach, “what do you achieve by the destruction of the odd library? There are so many. How much can one man do?” “What he can,” Cornelius had told her, rolling on her. “It’s History that’s caused all the trouble in the past.” ‎· плот страстей человеческих
He bought a paper at a roadside kiosk, saw that Israel had annexed Ukraine and that another hundred thousand US military advisors had been flown into European HQ, Bonn. And the sun was setting. ‎· плот страстей человеческих
“That’s clever,” she said, struggling into a long, bottle-green skirt. He wondered if all her skirts were bottle-green and all her shoes purple. It indicated an interest in Ouspensky, at very least. ‎· плот страстей человеческих
“What now?” said Karen von Krupp as Jerry took her hand and pulled her down to the rug. He tore off her clothes, tore off his own knickers and made fierce love to her. Again and again she came and when he fell back, his wig askew, his skirt torn and his stockings laddered, she sighed, “Ach! At last—a man who is a man!” ‎· плот страстей человеческих
Something was bothering her. Finally, as they approached a wooden landing stage, she said, “Is this, do you think, the answer to our relationship?” “Of course not.” He squeezed her hand and steered the boat in. “It’s merely the key to the future. Possibly not even that. Don’t worry about it.” ‎· плот страстей человеческих
“I feel very warm,” said Catherine. “You are very warm,” said Jerry. She lay down in the snowdrops and Jerry slowly took off her clothes and then his own. They made love for a long time until the snow had melted for several yards in all directions and the grass beneath was fresh and bright. The sun got low and Catherine died again. ‎· плот страстей человеческих