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The Book of Esther: A Novel by Emily Barton https://www.amazon.com/Book-Esther-Novel-Emily-Barton/dp/1101...
What if an empire of Jewish warriors that really existed in the Middle Ages had never fallen—and was the only thing standing between Hitler and his conquest of Russia? // Eastern Europe, August 1942. The Khazar kaganate, an isolated nation of Turkic warrior Jews, lies between the Pontus Euxinus (the Black Sea) and the Khazar Sea (the Caspian). It also happens to lie between a belligerent nation to the west that the Khazars call Germania—and a city the rest of the world calls Stalingrad. ‎· даму без ранца на портфель
#ЖД (простите) ‎· stand still, stay silent
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