"When the abyss gazes into you, bill it." — Jeff Lint
— Steve Aylett, Lint ‎· have each other with cream
Several of Lint’s early books were also being republished by Doubleday and New English Library, and the startled Lint rushed to exploit his raised profile, pulling on a skirt and bursting into the offices of Random House with a proposal he dreamed up on the spot. _Banish m’Colleagues_ would tell the story of a bull elephant on its way to the elephant’s graveyard, only to find it full of ambulances. The ivory-white confusion of the landscape is a classic Lint image, as is that of Lint being ejected from Random House by twelve security guards. ‎· have each other with cream
In February 1945 Lint visited Allen Ginsberg’s Hamilton Hall dorm room in the middle of the night and showed him a papiermâché replica of a New York ambulance with the words MILK ME stenciled upon it. Saying nothing, Lint quickly ran away with the object, leaving Ginsberg—at the time wrestling with the issue of his homosexuality—disturbed by the possible meaning of the incident. ‎· have each other with cream
[1] Rouch has suggested that this was the origin of Lint’s wearing women’s clothes when submitting work to publishers. Campbell supposedly said “Pop it through the mail, you know our address” and Lint thought he said “Poppet, for a male you know how to dress” and somehow got the notion that presentation was crucial. Most Lint scholars reject the theory. ‎· have each other with cream
Lint’s relationship with Dewhurst finally reached an end with Lint’s 1960 story “Feelgood,” in which the hero awakes _Day of the Triffids_–style to find the world empty of people and wanders blissfully free of harassment for the rest of his life. The character’s transition from cautious optimism to boundless joy is superbly handled, though Dewhurst removed several scenes where the protagonist spontaneously climaxes while walking down the deserted streets. ‎· have each other with cream
Even the conspirators’ mistakes fed into the desired result. The term “rifle among Oswald’s possessions” passed into the evidence and report despite the fact that it was an order, not an evidentiary observation. ‎· have each other with cream
Literary groupie Cheryl Daly claimed to have slept with Lint and that he wore a black armband around his cock, a symbol of mourning in some cultures and a device to increase size in others. ‎· have each other with cream
Even Lint’s “Giraffe” subway poem (beginning “I am not the giraffe you think I am”) was seen to imply that he was other than he appeared. ‎· have each other with cream