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This architecture in software towers is thus detrimental not only to persistence, but also to robustness, to security, to performance, to upgradability, to maintainability, etc., — all the qualities that managers of Human computer development projects often demote as being “non-functional”, because their development processes are so deeply dysfunctional, at least from the Houyhnhnm point of view: by neglecting as an afterthought aspects of software development that are not directly visible through a quick test of a software artifact, these processes ensure that those aspects cannot be addressed properly.
Frère Faré как обычно доставляет. давно его не читал, а тут из урбитовских Objections торчала ссылка на часть десятую саги о Гуигнгнмах, и вот ‎· блюители враных коглоток
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