Мур :) ‎· smug as a bug in a rug
"People are idiots. They made a lot of stupid things: costumes for dogs, marketing managers and stuff like the iPhone, getting nothing but a sour aftertaste. If we'd worked to develop science, explore the Moon, Mars and Venus... who knows what the world would have been like? Humanity would be able to travel through space, but it chose consuming instead - drinking beer and watching soap operas" -- Ray Bradbury ‎· synchronicity coordinator
^ "Humanity" would not be able to travel through space; dozens, hundreds of people at best would be. iPhone's reach is far wider that the poet's imagination. ‎· 9000
↑↑ адски раздражает, хочется взять и уебать, при всей детской нежности к Бредбери. ‎· (машет рукой)