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~raplys-lornex: obviously as a haskeller i implemented it using typed state and typed costate / see, 2-player games are actually ring linearizations of a free sheaf bundle on a free leaf bundle on a free amazon kindle (ad-supported) ‎· вбежала софоморочка
~tasfyn-partyv: the haskeller naturally implements tictacto as a special case of 4-d chess ‎· вбежала софоморочка
~raplys-lornex: this follows directly from yoneda's lemma, as do all things ‎· вбежала софоморочка
~tasfyn-partyv: which in turn is a special case of string theory / we'll simulate the universe, lazily / in theory, it will include tictactoe ‎· вбежала софоморочка
(в процессе обсуждения аппы для игры в го по урбиту, написанной ~raplys-lornex) ‎· вбежала софоморочка