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Imagine a boy who grows up liking the word chamois—imagine a boy like that, imagine him in comparison with one who grows up liking the word carborundum—do you think they would have the same religions? Or here's an even better question—do you think a person can grow up liking no words at all? Automatically? Theoretically?
[но вообще я пока не понимаю, как думать про Peru, кроме как просто про эээ эксперимент. то есть он мне то кажется интересным и полезным экспериментом, то притворным и неудачным. девушка-старуха.жпг] ‎· банды этических меньшинств
I would have heard it if there had been screams. I heard the water sizzle. I heard the rubber bands. I saw everything—the big white buttons Steven Adinoff had, the blood which got on them, the dents in his hair, the dents which the hoe made in Steven Adinoff’s hair, the way the hoe bent Steven Adinoff’s hair down into them and how it stayed down there in the dents, got stuck there in them. Nothing is not seen, nothing is not heard. ‎· банды этических меньшинств
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