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The FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE cycle started late May, one month behind the original schedule. The schedule slip was primarily to accommodate efforts for packaging the FreeBSD base system with the pkg(8) utility. However, as work on this progressed, it became apparent that there were too many outstanding issues. As a result, packaged base will be a "beta" feature for 11.0-RELEASE, with the goal of promoting it to a first-class feature in 11.1-RELEASE. It is expected that provisions will be made to ensure a seamless transition from older supported releases.
Господи, эта стюардесса выглядит несвежей! ‎· вождь наркологист
я просто по некоторой причине драйверов, которые есть только в -CURRENT, уже посталкивался с тонким взаимодействием pkg и base system, и было бы неплохо. но ‎· банды этических меньшинств
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