"From 1 January 2016 pursuant to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «On communication» Committee on Communication, Informatization and Information, Ministry for investments and development of the Republic of Kazakhstan introduces the national security certificate for Internet users. According to the Law telecom operators are obliged to perform traffic pass with using protocols, that support coding using security certificate, except traffic, coded by means of cryptographic information protection on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The national security certificate will secure protection of Kazakhstan users when using coded access protocols to foreign Internet resources."
на Казахтелекоме уже не открывается, но есть в кэшах гугла: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:iNgneBgL... ‎· чистый уже, без голубя
такой государственный HTTPS MITM (SITM?) ‎· чистый уже, без голубя
@hotgiraffe: он самый, да :) ‎· DS
GITM as in, Government - - -. ‎· смешная третья опция
бутерброд с Казахстаном, в общем ‎· чистый уже, без голубя