Another animal that is perfectly real but sounds like a myth is the Hound-Do-You-Do, which is a stone dog that comes alive on certain nights of the year, dismounts from its pedestal and goes wandering the grounds of the university looking for people to very firmly but politely shake hands with. It never has bad intentions and not once has it actually hurt anyone, but it does give them a fright and thus has acquired a reputation that isn’t very fair. But what can ever be fair about the existence of a stone dog?
— Rhys Hughes, Bottled Love Story ‎· этика химического развода
“You must show more patience, young man, for the truth of the matter is that things invented a second time are often superior to themselves when they were invented but once. For example, when the concept of ‘repetition’ was invented it was hardly of any distinction until it was invented yet again, and it fulfils its function more wonderfully each time it is newly invented. I will invent some artificial patience for you, if you like, and then invent it again.” ‎· этика химического развода
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там во всех 724 опубликованных рассказах так ) ну скажем так, везде старается ‎· этика химического развода