Silver is a big paradox of our time. The current gold:silver price ratio is 1:76 (it was even lower, at 1:85, just a few months ago). This a very dramatic de-valuation of the metal, having in mind that only nine ounces of silver has been mined for every one ounce of gold. #комната_с_картами

Even when it was 1:16 it wouldn't totally fair - but today's prices are close to absurd, argues Keith Neumeyer from First Majestic Silver Corp. "Our planet is being electrified (electric cars, solar panels) and silver is the most electrically conductive material on the planet other than gold – and gold is too expensive to use in circuit boards, car batteries, or solar panels". ‎- du dam dam dam,
The prices for silver have been always very volatile, and in the future we will see only of these rapid fluctuations, especially since silver is now a cleantech metal. “Silver is a primary ingredient in the photovoltaic cells that catch the sun’s rays and transform them into energy. Ninety per cent of crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells (the most common cell) use silver paste and close to 70 million ounces of silver are projected for use by solar energy by 2016”. ‎- du dam dam dam,
The above pictures are from the World Silver Survey 2016 (111pp, pdf published by The Silver Institute ( They are informative, and also interesting examples of infoviz. ‎- du dam dam dam,