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Hostage to myopic self-interest: climate science is watered down under political scrutiny | Ian Dunlop "Scientific reticence allows politicians to neglect the real dangers we face. But waiting for perfect information means it will be too late to act" (by Ian Dunlop)


International agreements talk of limiting global warming to 1.5–2°C, but in reality they set the world on a path of 3–5°C. Goals are reaffirmed, only to be abandoned. Coal, by definition, is “clean”. Just 1°C of warming is already dangerous, but this cannot be said. The planetary future is hostage to myopic, national self-interest. Action is delayed on the assumption that as yet unproven technologies will save the day, decades hence. The risks are existential, but it is “alarmist” to say so. A one-in-two chance of missing a goal is normalised as reasonable.

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