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Socially constructed silence? Protecting policymakers from the unthinkable. "The scientific community is profoundly uncomfortable with the storm of political controversy that climate research is attracting. What’s going on?" https://www.opendemocracy.net/transformation/paul-hoggett-ros...
bayağı iddialı bir yazı. "As one scientist put it when discussing the goal agreed at the Paris climate conference of limiting global warming to no more than 2°C: “There is a mentality in [the] group that speaks to policy makers that there are some taboo topics that you cannot talk about. For instance the two degree target on climate change...Well the emissions are going up like this (the scientist points upwards at a 45 degree angle), so two degrees at the moment seems completely unrealistic. But you’re not allowed to say this.”" ‎· fax
"Worse still, the minority of scientists who are tempted to break the silence on climate change run the risk of being seen as whistleblowers by their colleagues. Another research leader suggested that—in private—some of the most senior figures in the field believe that the world is heading for a rise in temperature closer to six degrees than two. “So repeatedly I’ve heard from researchers, academics, senior policy makers, government chief scientists, [that] they can’t say these things publicly,” he told us, “I’m sort of deafened, deafened by the silence of most people who work in the area that we work in, in that they will not criticise when there are often evidently very political assumptions that underpin some of the analysis that comes out.”" ‎· fax
"If climate change work is stuck at the level of ‘symbolic policy making’—a set of practices designed to make it look as though political elites are doing something while actually doing nothing—then it becomes all the more important for the scientific community to find ways of abandoning the social defences we’ve described and speak out as a whole, rather than leaving the task to a beleaguered and much-criticised minority." ‎· fax
james hansen'a, biraz açık konuşuyor diye, neredeyse çılgın bilim adamı diyecekler. zaten artık televizyona falan da çıkartmıyorlar. ‎· fax
iklim sözcüsü diye evrim tartışmasını yapan papyonlu elemanla kozmos'un yenisini çeken adamı belirlediler ama ikisinin de uzmanlığı iklim değil. asıl insanın geleceğiyle alakalı şeyler söyleyebilecek habitatçıları/ekosistemcileri, biyologları hiç konuşturmuyorlar, onlar genellikle can sıkıcı şeyler söylüyor. ‎· fax
işler kendilerini tehdit eder hale gelince atmosfere ayna dizmeyi falan deneyecekler. bill gates, google vs jeomühendislik firmalarına milyorlar aktarıyorlarmış. ‎· fax
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