Очень, блять, недоволен foursquare ads. Можно было и получше спланировать бюджет.
Ох. "Ivan, The peak in the last day is most likely due to awareness of the ad increasing due to users seeing the ad multiple times and finally clicking to see your business. Foursquare ads are not meant to be overnight solutions as they take some time to create awareness in your local community." ‎- Вольфганг или Волчестай
Ok, I've got it. So maybe impressions which had grown fantastic on the latest day of campaign are so high due to awarness of users magically directing their intention to watch my ad again and again. So foursquare app showed them it because of their unbelievable mind power and spiritual consistence. http://cl.ly/image/0v2o1q0y1139, http://cl.ly/image/0u2n3s2d160y ‎- Вольфганг или Волчестай
Оу, сказали, разберутся. Интересно, что это будет означать. ‎- Вольфганг или Волчестай