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Parable describing fractal incomprehensibility - http://www.painofsalvation.com/be/keywords.htm
Two individuals in a two-dimensional fractal introduce a three-dimensional cylindrical shape: a higher fractal, very similar but yet incomprehensible. One will see a round shape, the other a rectangular shape. Within their own fractal, they are both correct. However, they will never be able to see this. Furthermore, on a higher fractal they are both wrong. They will never be able to see this either. The question posed will be ”round or rectangular?” Over this question they will always be theoretical opponents: ”God or science?” ”Jehovah or Darwin?” ”Genesis or Big Bang, String Theory and the M theory?” ”Reincarnation or biomass and energy?” The questions do not apply. Still, we have no choice but to ask them. ‎· intmainvoid
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