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"The overlying theme of Octavarium is the idea of things going in cycles, repeating themselves, and ending in the same place they begin. An octave in music (which the word Octavarium is likely based on) starts and ends on the same note." ‎· intmainvoid
"When writing, the band delegated each song a different key. Sound effects were placed between songs to connect them: for example, "The Root of All Evil", written in F, and the following track, "The Answer Lies Within", written in G, were connected by a sound effect in the key of F#." ‎· intmainvoid
"In INTERVALS you can hear Mike Portnoy say a scale degree before each stanza. Each stanza references a song on Octavarium and a clip of that song is played in the background. The titling of this section, Intervals, ties in with MP saying scale degrees and the layouts of the songs with negative time sections and such, corresponding to a progression through the notes in an octave (the term 'interval' in music theory refers to the difference between two notes or pitches). Intervals are often referred to in numbers of steps. This section of the song ends with "Step after step, we try controlling our fate" just after MP says "octave." This could have a double meaning, referring to trying to control one's life or fate through steps, meaning either plans and actions, or musical notes - the latter expressing Dream Theater trying to control their lives through the notes of the music they make." ‎· intmainvoid
Я просто не могу перестать удивляться продуманности этого произведения. Каждая нота, каждый элемент каждой иллюстрации в буклете пронизан концепцией так, что Код да Винчи позавидует. Честно, когда я думаю, что кто-то мог проделать такую работу, мне становится немного страшно. ‎· intmainvoid