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Прислали посмотреть совершенно замечательный отчет о культурных особенностях работников разных национальностей. Столько оснований для исков о защите чести и достоинства в одном месте я еще не видел!
"Russians tend to have the attitude that they cannot control and manage their environment to meet their needs. They often see problems, but instead of looking for solutions, focus on the obstacles that may inhibit them from overcoming challenges... People frequently feel that nothing depends on them, that they cannot decide anything important, and that they will not be allowed to implement their ideas. If people do not agree with something in an organization, they tend to continue to live or work in the same way as they have done before and agree with everything." ‎· intmainvoid
"In a shop, a sales assistant may refuse to sell goods on the grounds that he or she does not have small change. The sales assistant may not feel obliged to look for it from other sales assistants or even apologize for the inconvenience. If the client leaves without the purchase, it is acceptable. Mostly, the clients will try to find some small change, and from the shop assistant’s point of view, the situation resolves itself naturally." ‎· intmainvoid
"Russians tend to display a unique combination of fixed and fluid orientations to time. Individuals within the country recognize the importance of time, but do not always feel the need to control or manage it precisely. They do not think that it can be tightly defined and/or tracked, even when they state that time must be managed well or when the pressure to be on time is strong. However, Russians expect their counterparts (especially foreigners) to be punctual." ‎· intmainvoid
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