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Internet Blacklist Legislation | Electronic Frontier Foundation - https://www.eff.org/issues/coica-internet-censorship-and-copy...
The "Stop Online Piracy Act"/"E-PARASITE Act" (SOPA) and "The PROTECT IP Act" (PIPA) are the latest in a series of bills which would create a procedure for creating (and censoring) a blacklist of websites... The various bills define different techniques for blocking “blacklisted” sites. Each would interfere with the Internet's domain name system (DNS), which translates names like "www.eff.org" or "www.nytimes.com" into the IP addresses that computers use to communicate. SOPA would also allow rightsholders to force payment processors to cut off payments and advertising networks to cut ties with a site simply by sending a notice." ‎· intmainvoid
В США активно рассматривается законодательство, позволившее бы закрывать доступ к пиратским сайтам (независимо от домена, хостинга и т.п., при условии направленности на граждан США) на уровне провайдеров, регистраторов доменных имен и даже платежных систем (через запрет принятия платежей в пользу данных ресурсов). Дай, думаю, поделюсь, вдруг кто не знает. ‎· intmainvoid
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