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Oddbins' anti-Locog stunt offers discount for wearing Nike trainers - http://www.marketingmagazine.co.uk/news/1142549/Oddbins-anti-...
"Ayo Akintola, the managing director of the off-licence chain, has come up with the idea for the three-week discount as a "marketing counter-strike in defiance of the labyrinthine restrictions placed on businesses by the Olympics’ legion of brand guardians". To qualify, customers need to visit one of Oddbins 35 branches wearing Nike trainers and have in their pocket a set of Vauxhall car keys, an RBS MasterCard, an iPhone, a bill from British Gas and a receipt for a Pepsi bought at KFC." ‎· intmainvoid
Ну ведь молодцы же. ‎· intmainvoid
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