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What is the most complex board game on the planet? - Quora - http://www.quora.com/What-is-the-most-complex-board-game-on-t...
"There are a lot of WW2 wargames, but none like World In Flames. This game doesn't cover "Operation Barbarossa" or "The Western Front" or even "the Pacific Theater." World in Flames covers the entire war. Across the whole world. From 1939 through 1945, just like it says there on the box. It will play up to 7 people as the various Axis and Allied powers, and the "suggested" playing time is 6000 minutes. Yes that's right. 6000. As a point of reference, most complex wargames take (at least) twice as long to play as the suggested playing time, at least until all the players are very familiar." ‎· intmainvoid
Настенные игры FTW! :) ‎· intmainvoid
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