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I miss my Logitech Marble FX. They never brought it into the wireless world. It's still available used or even new if you want to spend a lot.


Huh, that's an interesting layout. You can roll it w/thumb or fingers?

 ‎· ronin

Closest option is Logitech MX ERGO

 ‎· emintolga ☀️ 1

@ronin: It was primarily meant to use your fingers. While you could grip the ball with thumb and fingers for finesse movement, it would pop out if you used just your thumb. :)

 ‎· Hey, it's CAJ!

@emintolga: Sadly, there just aren't any trackballs designed to use the fingers (on the side) and not the thumb.

 ‎· Hey, it's CAJ! 1

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