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Unfortunate screengrab.

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So, one night, many moons ago, way way, pre-#LoyolaWaif days, Wife and I were out to dinner and drinks with 4 other couples. We capped off the night at the home of one couple who owned a karaoke machine. Somehow the men in the group started in to serenading their spouses with love songs complete with props: "Love's Holiday" and a rose, "Oh What A Night" and a glass of wine ,etc. What did your's truly pick? "Let It Whip" and a belt. #WhipMeBabyWhipMeAllNight #TrueStory (Somebody ahead of me snatched "Munchies For Your Love" Edit: with a bag of Cheetos IIRC)

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@barrywynn: Just when I thought I couldn't love you more, Bee Dub.

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