Lesson learned. Even if you don't need to go anywhere, you should clear snow sooner than later lest it get all slushy at the bottom.
Or hard as a rock. ;) ‎· Jenny H.
An icy underlayer is the worst. ‎· John B.
Yep. ‎· Jenny H.
Luckily it wasn't bad at all. Not crunchy on top (or in the middle) and just slushy under the snow by the street. ‎· Hey, it's CAJ!
Hubby's boss thought he had a great method for removing tons of snow, with very little effort. He told my husband to use a garden hose and hot water, then throw down a ton of salt. Nope, didn't work. The garden hose didn't have a sprayer, and the water wasn't hot enough to make it all that much faster. He has been hard at work since the day after the storm, removing one section at a time, taking his time doing it (so as to not hurt himself). It's starting to really catch up to him, though...his shoulders are aching. ‎· April
Yep! Like voting in Chicago, it should be done early and often. ‎· k8s