[This Tweet intentionally left blank.] .
Hey, it worked! Now to figure out where that extra period on the end came from. https://twitter.com/StartWith0/status/703683833883967488 ‎· Hey, it's CAJ!
@iphwin: please tell us when you find out. Looks like the recipe which is making rounds has a bug or something. ‎· псы в рапиде
Here's the recipe from IFTTT: {"text":"<<<{{Text}}>>>","link":"[Twitter post from @StartWith0.]","mokum_api_token":"[Token Information Removed]"} ‎· Hey, it's CAJ!
Where it says "[Twitter post from @StartWith0.]" there was a single period. I assume the "link:" preceding it wasn't working properly to pull the Twitter link? ‎· Hey, it's CAJ!
Hope that helps! ‎· Hey, it's CAJ!