Cupcakes are frosting delivery systems in the same way baby carrots are ranch dressing delivery systems.
See also chips:dip. :) ‎- Ell Bee carless
s/ranch dressing/peanut butter :D ‎- holly
I had chicken with frosting in Tangier. ‎- Eivind
Your logic is unassailable ‎- MoTO Babycakes
I don't like frosting. ‎- LawLibrarian
For my great aunt, dinner rolls were always expressly used as butter-delivery systems. For me, I think of bagels as cream cheese delivery systems. ‎- Mr. Noodle
Pretzels are nutella delivery devices ‎- Rudibrarian
@LawLibrarian, please feel free to substitute something you DO like to be delivered by some other means. What is your opinion of ranch dressing? ‎- Hey, it's CAJ!
I do enjoy ranch dressing. ‎- LawLibrarian
AHEM. ‎- Steven Perez