It is failure if you don't try or only failure if you try and do not succeed?
Both. One is failure you can live with, the other will eat you alive. ‎- t-ra
i'm with @tamarasabine on this one. ‎- orgmonkey
@tamarasabine: which one? I can live with the failure if I tried and do not succeeded. Do you mean the same? ‎- GG spanish inquisition
I took it to mean that not trying will eat you alive while you can live with trying and not succeeding. ‎- Hey, it's CAJ!
DNS leaves room for believing you would have succeeded :) ‎- Eivind
@eivind: or at least that you did your best. ‎- GG spanish inquisition
I guess it's a failure only if you don't learn from it ‎- SaeedTheGiraffe ?
"No. Try not. Do or do not. There is no try" ‎- Angelo Ghigi
I meant not trying at all is no good. ‎- t-ra
Not trying is a bigger failure than failing. ‎- LawLibrarian