If you decided to pull yourself out of every social website, photo sharing site, Yelp, whatever and just have one site for sharing of your personal life, what would you choose? Mokum? Facebook? Instagram?
I'm vaguely thinking about pulling it all but it's mostly a thought at this point. Nothing in particular has happened but I wonder what it would be like with a phone that got less notifications? ‎· Hey, it's CAJ!
Mokum. ‎· Sarita!
Mokum or Instagram ‎· Brixie
Facebook would be the first one I would jettison. Mokum I would keep. Instagram I would think about. ‎· Smooth Young Priest
I think FB, after all. But only because I have friends everywhere in the world and it's the easiest thing "to keep" them. ‎· did
Like did said, I use Facebook to be in contact with family and friends. I have been away from other socia networks for month, never really cared ‎· Selkis
Mokum ‎· Pudra
Twitter. It doesn't necessarily allow me the depth of personal sharing, but I get more interaction there and learn more there than other sites at this moment. I'm sure the answer would have been different at different times. ‎· Spidra Webster
I, in fact, have basically pulled me out of all social sites except this. ‎· 9000
What kind of information you would share? Photo for sure Instagram, otherwise mokum. ‎· Jakalicius
I think it would be general information. I don't really share anything overly private. And mostly links from other sites than original thoughts and posts. ‎· Hey, it's CAJ!
i just happen to have been banned from Facebook for the past few months (for refusing to disclose my real name to them). two words: it sucks. TL;DR - you lose most, if not all, touch with 90% of your online friends. even good "offline" friends will seem farther away as a result. you fall out of the loop re. all the cultural/social events your group frequents, you walk into discussions among your friends that you can't trace to origins. when you ask, your friends will be surprised/annoyed, because "you should have read it on facebook". etc. and on and on. ‎· blizzart