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I'm confused by this. You have an exercise ball. So you buy a frame with wheels for it? Supposedly, this to make it easier to use an exercise ball to replace your chair at work. ‎· Hey, it's CAJ!
Yeah, I'm pretty sure the point was that it was a ball. This is just a backless chair. ‎· Meg Vmeg
Yeah... I'm pretty sure this negates at least a large percentage of the purpose. ‎· lris
I had a coworker with one of these. She has a circulation disorder, and most chairs cause massive bruising and clots in her legs. With this, she can work seated, and still have the benefits of a desk chair. (It is also recommended for some other health concerns, and as a bonus, works your abdominal muscles when you're seated in a way a regular desk chair wouldn't.) ‎· Jennifer D.
As someone who has used a bare fitball as her office chair, I can say that there's a point to having a "holder". My fitball inevitably cuts off circulation to my heels because I brace it with my heels to stay balanced. Of course, I haven't bought one of these holders yet because it's extra money I don't have. I moved to using a fitball after a chair at work messed me up so bad that every single chair I tried, including fancy ergonomic chairs, had me in excruciating pain. The fitball was the only thing that didn't. ‎· Spidra Webster
For years, my daughter used one of those giant swirly balls she won at a carnival, as her desk chair. And she kept it from rolling across the floor by setting it in the middle of a hula hoop. ‎· April