Dear friends, I'm pretty sure that most of you were naughty this year, so Ded Featurator together with his friend Ded Musicator (they both belong to Santa Claus Shadow Cabinet) bring you Christmas gifts (in beta quality). Mokum now allows to embed music uploaded to (it's a kind of Russian Facebook, it has interface in English and even in Italian, AFAIK). To attach the music player to your post, use the small "μ" button right next to the "Share" button. I expect many UI inconsistencies and such like, but I hope we'll iron out the problems. NB: you need VK account for both uploading _and_ listening.
Update: OMG, you can log in to using your Facebook account. This is amazing. ‎· псы в рапиде
OMG thank you!! ‎· un pesce di nome Tricia
trigia ora ti tocca cantare u.u ‎· toracigno
Uhm, did anyone actually manage to upload/embed the music? :) I'm tracking "Everything", and I don't see any content from you guys. Does it even work? :) ‎· псы в рапиде
@squadette: it's Xmas evening, it's time to eat, tomorrow we'll give it a try ‎· Ivan Crema