Okay, guys, we've all been dethroned. Let's plan our REVENGE.
wait, how can it be?? Does this really means people are having a life outside mokum? (I guess this is a real time stats, so maybe later the proportions will be different and more balanced :-D ) ‎· Brixie
@brixie: yes, unfortunately it looks like somebody is NOT sitting on Mokum every damn waking hour. I think you should start internal investigation — maybe somebody is, I don't know, going to parties? nightclubs, even (shudders)? maybe even one or two renegades are DATING SOMEBODY? That is clearly unacceptable, we should put a stop to that. ‎· псы в рапиде
This will not be tollerated! If I don't have sex, nobody can have se...NO WAIT! ‎· Fabrizio Casu
where to find this statistics? ‎· selimov
@selimok: Just yesterday I made a page with public statistics. I'll improve it and make an announce on @mokum ‎· псы в рапиде
revenge is a dish best served cold. Luckly it's winter. ‎· unkcos
@squadette: thx :) ‎· selimov
14%: other. Who are the Others? OH MY GOD WE ARE ON THE ISLAND! ‎· Fabrizio Casu
Just wait until next weekend. We have no social life on weekends. ‎· Selkis