A small survey to find out the level of interest: one of the developers of Freefeed created the Telegram bot which lets you quickly post to Freefeed (and to Mokum). Right now it only speaks Russian, but we can probably fix that. Are you interested? I don't really know how popular Telegram is amongst italian users. Please like or comment, thanks.
Not that popular but anyway well know. What does this bot exactly? It could be used to read and interact on Mokum through Telegram? ‎· Luca Pork Chop Express
@zeta3: it's basically for posting text and images. For everything else you have to go to the website. ‎· псы в рапиде
You mean posting on your feed of course, don't you? If you need help for translation, we can help. ‎· Luca Pork Chop Express
Sounds interesting ‎· ironicmokum
@zeta3: yes, of course, where else? :) I believe that this bot actually allows you to post to any groups you're subscribed, but that's not (yet) implemented for Mokum. ‎· псы в рапиде
Could be interesting. ‎· inconsolabilmente Lucretia
Sounds interesting +1 ‎· Sarita!
Here's the bot, try it, guys: https://telegram.me/freefeed_bot. I translated everything into English for the time being, so that it's more international. I am the author. And it is not correct to say that I am a FreeFeed developer :) I just value free software more. ‎· Alex Kapranoff
thank you @kappa! I have a question: how do I post images on my feed through the bot? ‎· Luca Pork Chop Express
would be good +1 ‎· bianco coniglio porconante
@corralejo: check the comments ;) ‎· псы в рапиде
done. Installed :) ‎· bianco coniglio porconante
One of the more popular use cases is posting from an Android device via the standard "Send to..." menu. This is the fastest way to post from your phone, extremely convenient. Basically, with this bot we have a lightning-fast mobile client for posting on the go. I am not sure if iOS already has that feature or not but it should. ‎· Alex Kapranoff
It works! Thanks !! ^___^ ‎· bianco coniglio porconante