Hi! Just curious — can you show us the original announcement about Mokum on Frenf.it that prompted you all to come? Thanks!
http://frenf.it/earlyadopters/p/ellofizgherard/778577 I'm the one who created this group and announced it (9th comment in the linked post) ‎- Angelo Ghigi
Thanks! It doesn't have many likes or comments though, but Italian users continue to come. Or were there more posts? ‎- easiest cat to pill
There was also an announcement on Facebook, as per my knowledge ‎- Brixie
In a closed group? ‎- easiest cat to pill
We are calling, sending messages, e-mail, even pigeons' messages to spread the news <3 ‎- Batchiara
The news is spreading through all FriendFeed backup groups on Facebook and in personal posts ‎- Angelo Ghigi
pigeons LOL ‎- giuliagatterina
I feel like Russian experience this as a sort of invasion. A peaceful one. ‎- pm10
Funny but not surprising how those whose comments in Italian social media make no sense have even worse command of the English language and read as incomprehensible as in their own supposed mother tongue. ‎- Slow