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is there any way to remove a subscription or to remove someone from your feed?
you can remove subscriber by blocking him (this action will unsubscribe him) and unblocking again. yes, this is a weird hack, and proper subscription removal is planned, but not implemented yet. ‎· screamager
se la domanda è seria, la risposta pure lo sarà: clicca sulla persona che vuoi smettere di seguure e premi "unsubscribe". Per bloccare, usa l'apposito pulsante sempre nel profilo del malcapitato/a ‎· AndreaR
Uhoh, I didn't know that "unsubscribe" was not implemented yet ‎· AndreaR
eh, AndreaR... ‎· Novecento
@screamager I already tried that, but that user is still in my subscriber list ‎· Novecento
@novecento, maybe the subscribers list is cached? try opening it and pressing Ctrl+Shift+R for hard reload ‎· screamager
uhm, it's still there ‎· Novecento
uhm, it's still there ‎· Novecento
^ let me check. Update: yes, there is a bug, I'll fix that. ‎· псы в рапиде
oh fuck. it used to work. :) okay, pinging @squadette for proper investigation. (btw, he is the sole developer, and I'm just an old time mokum user, so take everything I write with a grain of salt). ‎· screamager
anyway, there's "Likes and Comments" under his nickname. maybe that means something ‎· Novecento
@novecento, fixed, try block/unblock again. ‎· псы в рапиде
ok ‎· Novecento
great, now it works :) ‎· Novecento
Yes. Unsubscribe button. ‎· Vapper Esmeralda