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Cosa usate per tradurre i post dal russo?
Se metto il link in google translate mi da errore, se copio tutto il testo della pagina perde l'impaginazione e non si capisce una cippa ‎· Angelo Ghigi
Я сломаю в двух (соч) ‎· Cirdan il Timoniere
Adriaaaaanaaaa! ‎· Angelo Ghigi
Try to put .html at the end of the link, so mokum engine will render html. It seems GoogleTranslate does not look like normal human to mokum engine, so it responds with "atom". So, to translate "", put "" to GoogleTranslate. ‎· адский хардлайн в засаде
^ what sorcery is this??? ‎· псы в рапиде
@squadette — "Sorry, the page you requested contains a file type (application/atom+xml) we are unable to translate." ‎· адский хардлайн в засаде
Thanks! ‎· Angelo Ghigi