@squadette is there a place where you aggregate feedbacks on the user interface or the whole application? Do you want 'em? Do I need to butt out? :v
@blaster, something like @mokum-support? ‎· Brixie
@brixie well if @squadette want to collect feedbacks in there... but it looks like tech support stuff, I'd like to know if he accepts feedbacks too :D ‎· blaster @ localhost $
@mokum-support is in russian @mokum is in english and it was opened for this purpose (see https://mokum.ru/aghigi/16330) ‎· Angelo Ghigi
@aghigi sometimes you look like God's customer care ‎· blaster @ localhost $
@blaster: just spending too much time around here :) ‎· Angelo Ghigi
Just posted 8-) ‎· blaster @ localhost $