Dear Italian users, I have brought down your flag, but I did that with the appropriate respect: I listened to Italian national anthem during the deploy: I hope that you enjoy your time on Mokum.
(OMG IS HE TRYING TO RICKROLL US? CAN WE CLICK THIS LINK? ...there is only one way to tell...) ‎- псы в рапиде
when we would be able to duck hunt ? :P ‎- unkcos with love (CCCP was the greatest punk band from Italy) ‎- foia
^^ ok. Btw, when you have nothing better to do, you may try watching ‎- псы в рапиде
Never heard before :))))))) ‎- foia
Spasiba tovarich squadette ‎- ostelinus
This would have been more appropriate: ‎- Osiride
up per chi non ha letto della bandiera italiana ‎- frasca
up di we love russian people ‎- giuliagatterina
Plis visyt aur cantri ‎- Laila
great guy ‎- storvandre buo pillonzi
che inno demmerda che abbiamo ‎- yespa