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Scusi signor sviluppatore di mokum (si sente se parlo così?), si potrebbe mettere un tasto o qualcosa del genere quando uno ti fa richiesta di iscrizione che gli invia il messaggio "e mo chi cazzo sei?". Grazie, con immutata stima e gratitudine.
well, you can always reject the request. If the person knows you, they will eventually contact you and then you'll re-accept. ‎· псы в рапиде
So they should contact me by some other system set outside mokum itself. Right? Is there any project about letting people send one single message (to introduce themselves/asking for it) without mutual subscriptions? ‎· Batchiara
^ we thought about this, yes. There is an idea to allow to send a single direct message to any user you're not subscribed to, with strict rate limit, something like once per day, no more than 5 people per day in total. I'll get around to that. ‎· псы в рапиде
(Minchia se sono arrugginita con l'inglese...) ‎· Batchiara
Thank you very Much *lancio di mutandine sul palco* ‎· Batchiara
<3 ‎· Batchiara
Quella cosa del messaggio di presentazione, a me va bene pure se manda pics ‎· cogitabondo
Miiii, sai quante foto di CAZO che voleranno? ‎· Tony Maestri
The feature of being able to send DM to an unsubscribed person at least once would be excellent! ‎· AndreaR
As remarked above, the message should be limited (eg 250 chars) and contain only text. The possible replies could be: accept/discard/block ‎· AndreaR