#worsttravelstory Hey, international part. Russians are telling stories by that tag. Read and bring to friend. I'd like to hear an international part and the localisations.
I didn't know Italians go to bed that early. ‎- испорченая канарейка
Up, 5th International! ‎- испорченая канарейка
trusi. ‎- mentegatto
Cagasotti! Dove è vostre storie? ‎- испорченая канарейка
@mentegatto Do me a favoure, share this by like. You have more Italian subscribers. ‎- испорченая канарейка
Italians have a life at sunday night... ‎- Laflauta
what kind of travel stories? ‎- inconsolabilmente Lucretia
Mentegatto dorme, domani deve svegliarsi presto ed emigrare nel paese dei mostri selvaggi a mendicare un lavoro ‎- mentegatto
Prochem italjanci stisnjajutsa pisat po angliski i ikh zdes malo ‎- mentegatto
Who the fuck cares what language is used for fun? ‎- испорченая канарейка
Nelzja mne govorit. Mne dazhe po russkij ne stidno ‎- mentegatto
Po "russkij" ‎- mentegatto