Ok, ok, you won. We surrender.
\m/ ‎· Sei Dee già Pulp
<3 ‎· frugola
solo 24? ‎· Mistro
that's real-time statistics of users who are currently online. ‎· псы в рапиде
столовые приборы оружие (I hope Google translate do it right!) ‎· lui
\o/ ‎· La Vivi
@lui: no it does not. ‎· псы в рапиде
ma manco si ve pijate tutta er l'ucraina ahò ‎· SAPO!!
\m/ ‎· Raflesia
"Drop your Weapons"! ‎· lui
@unknhawk: la francia so' io. ma vorrei essere aggiunta all'italia, plis. ‎· frugola
So, are you bringing the italian flag back? :D ‎· La Vivi
Resistence is futile ‎· Bisax A E You (edit | delete)
btw, all other countries are Russian users, who either live there or travel. For some countries I know almost for sure who that is, like Switzerland or Hong Kong. :) I don't think that we have other clusters, yet. ‎· псы в рапиде
@squadette: i am france, and i belong to the italian lot :) ‎· frugola
@frugola: yeah, we have one user in France, but she is rarely here. So France puzzled me, thanks for the explanation ;) ‎· псы в рапиде
Italian Job? ‎· lui
If only the Turks discover Mokum... ‎· Minciaroni™
And turkish people? ‎· Davide TheSgrash
Ma lo Svizzero parla da solo? ‎· Daffery
È eddie? ‎· grandmaster_flash
lo svizzero potrebbe essere a Ginevra. ‎· nagual
good work , guys ‎· giuliagatterina
Spain!! o/ ‎· Selkis
Lo svizzero potrebbe essere la Scherb in trasferta. in compenso non mancano Meandthebay e pluto dagli Usa? ‎· Pea Bukowski
ah ok erano quelli online ho letto :D ‎· Pea Bukowski
fantastico :D ‎· cybergerac
sempre discreti... ‎· Shannafra
¡Yo! :D ‎· bianco coniglio porconante
@squadette How is that counted? I think it's at last three of us from Spain (me, corralejo, selkis) ‎· reloj
@reloj: it's realtime, so it shows those online at the time of the screenshot ‎· Lorenzo R v rs
@kayak: Ah, ok ‎· reloj
and now we are here :P ehheeheh ‎· selimov
\m/ ‎· Chiara75
\m/ ‎· Franka®
Yeah! ‎· hook7
"If only the Turks discover Mokum... ‎- Minciaroni™" and we discovered :) ‎· ubernova
^_^ ‎· Elenucci
hello from israele ‎· Stocazzo