Dear friends, I'll be in Rome tomorrow (Monday) and on Tuesday, available for coffee/drinks in the evening. Care to join?
dai, qualche romano vada a incontrare il nostro webmaster ipergentile ‎- giuliagatterina
Unfortunately i'm away, but i'm sure other romans will be available! ‎- Luca Pork Chop Express
daje roma' nun fate come i milanesi ‎- tepepa uhuhuhuh ahah illusion
up ‎- MisterQ
UP ROMANI ‎- giuliagatterina
hey squadette, i saw your nickname on ingress and thought "uh, same as the guy who created mokum", i guess that was you :) ‎- frasca
I would prefer Tuesday but Monday is also fine. Where are you staying? ‎- inconsolabilmente Lucretia
@lucretia: I would propose Trasteveri or some place around Campo de' Fiori pls subscribe to me to DM or send me email to Thanks! ‎- псы в рапиде