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Amici, dov'è il vostro #sailorshirt?
Gli italiani sono timidu, but someone began posting pictures on ‎- mentegatto
with sailorshirts? ‎- Res Bublica
Yes. They are posting pictures with #sailorshirts on ‎- mentegatto
No-no, does not run. ‎- Res Bublica could be easier to login ‎- fewdayslate
guardate few come si insinua ‎- virus
oh, I forgot completely, rightrightright ‎- Res Bublica
Pero no ho asciato ningun tag e solo una fota con verghi. ‎- Res Bublica
vedi virus, se si parla di verghe io lascio a te il testimone. Ringraziami poi ‎- fewdayslate
hashtags don't work. but even the young elrocco, the youngest Italian frenfider, posted a picture of himself with the italian equivalent of tel'njashka of the emergency situations ministry. ‎- mentegatto
ai, osservare per conto mio, se sara ‎- Res Bublica
you can interact, there is mostly the same people than here (or at least, the same attitude). Create a user if you want! ‎- fewdayslate
questo si chiama inoculare un virus ‎- chiagia (чхиагиа)
@mastul already has a profile on ‎- mentegatto
@chiagia: allora ‎- virus
nothing personal ‎- chiagia (чхиагиа)
poi era inOculare ‎- chiagia (чхиагиа)
e ma il passo è breve ‎- virus
@mentegatto Yes, I have. Since some Avrile. But I thought everyone left it for mokum. ‎- Res Bublica
@taz This page is no longer in use. @chiagia You say virus like it's a bad thing. ‎- Res Bublica
no they didn't. population is divided into three groups: mokumers, frenfiter and people like me who stay in both ‎- chiagia (чхиагиа)
And all other population of the universe. ‎- Res Bublica
and all other universes ‎- chiagia (чхиагиа)
and beyond ‎- Res Bublica
what is that crap now? ‎- Res Bublica
one who goes beyond any universe ‎- chiagia (чхиагиа)
Then let's call him "aniverse". ‎- Res Bublica