Mokum donations report: 58 donations (including 11 from Italian users), €2258 total; Paypal fee: €118; available for use: €2135. Average donation: €27; median €20; largest: €500, smallest: €1. Full list of payments: Thank you for your support! #mokum-budget
squadette >>> grillini ‎· Kobayashi Gazprom
@kobayashi: "Italy's most prominent gay rights activist"? ‎· псы в рапиде
oh my, I had completely forgot Grillini. Nope squadette, in this case was Grillini = politicians followers of Grillo, the most prominent and populist comedian activist ‎· ironicmokum
no, that's another person. he was talking about a political party called Movimento Cinque Stelle, who's leader is a guy named Beppe Grillo ‎· Novecento
they are known, among other things, cause they publish all their account information for the political related expenses ‎· Novecento
ah, I see. Thanks! ‎· псы в рапиде
So first round of donations is over? I'll save something for the second one, thanks! ‎· ironicmokum
(and because they presented a motion to force the Italian parliament to admit the existence of the mermaids, but that's only a detail) ‎· Novecento
500 euro? Cribbio! Non è che si potrebbe conoscere, questo generoso donatore? Magari si diventa amiciui, sai mai u.u ‎· taz
non facciamo queste figure di merda all'estero, non è stata presentata nessuna mozione parlamentare per le sirene. c'è in parlamento un'allocca che scrive su facebook che crede alle sirene, è leggermente diverso eh. ‎· ellofizgherard
l'aveva preparata, ma poi l'hanno convinta a non presentarla ‎· Novecento
Can we still donate ? any link for it ? ‎· guru
@guru: hi. there is no need to donate right now (thanks for the offer!) I'm going to announce new budget draft and fundraising a couple of months before we run out of money (second half of summer, presumably). We'll need to consider the level of usage and number of users around that time. Thanks! ‎· псы в рапиде
@squadette: (: sure ‎· guru
@novecento They forced parliament to admit existence of mermaids?! /falls from a chair/ ‎· pleegitatud koerasitt
ecco, come volevasi dimostrare. qualcuno spieghi che non è mai successo. ‎· ellofizgherard
Vay be. Şeffaf belediyecilik. ‎· Yerdeniz Balıkçısı