So, my dear Italian friends, thank you for your recommendations in the previous post. However I need your help one more time! Since they asked me to write an additional piece on 3 more Italian cities, could you please give me good tips on places to eat in Torino, Stresa and Genova?
In Genova: ‎· asended
Also in Genova: I tre merli ( ), La forchetta curiosa ( ) or Il Balcone ( ) ‎· Agnello
In Genoa, the best sandwiches of the whole universe: ‎· delu
Up up per torino @nervo @giuliagatterina @ubi ecc ecc ‎· monicabionda
up for my followers :D ‎· Brixie
up anche qui che io non conosco ‎· inconsolabilmente Lucretia
Non c'è Ubi su Torino? ‎· Sei Dee già Pulp
ECCOCI! ‎· giuliagatterina
Here we are. About Turin: Osteria di Parin, via Ormea, crossing via Galliari, typical Pedemont cuisine (this suggestion comes from my wife who's from Turin) ‎· Ubikindred
Capannina dei Nonni, via Duca degli Abruzzi, crossing via Caboto. Handmade pasta, ligurian (?) dishes and from Pedemont. Ristorante del cambio, historical place, starred chef, expensive, but very well-considered, near Piazza Castello. ‎· Ubikindred