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Helöv my Italian friends, i wanna ask you something, starting from 4th of june, me and my two friends will be visiting your lovely country, we will start from venice then verona,florence, rome and finally naples. And we plan to use train as a transportation. I checked trenitalia and found that prices are little expensive,is there a possibility of a railpass or sth like that or are there better websites offering better/cheaper prices?
We will end our travel at 12th of june btw ‎· Pudra
You may try on italotreno.it. On trenitalia.it maybe you may register and check for "Cartafreccia" special fares. (I'm not sure you can subscribe Cartafreccia program) ‎· valeacaso
You can check for "blabla car" that is a private car sharing system ‎· Batchiara
(It's a pity you are not going to visit Milan </3) ‎· Batchiara
<3 @batchiara, we both have been there so we passed:( ‎· Pudra
We have a ff friend in rome that owns a bed and breakfast: I could give you some information if you need ‎· Batchiara
Only if he is woland:( thank you batchiara but weve already paid for rome:( ‎· Pudra
Is he angelo fissore? :p ‎· Pudra
I can suggest some places where to eat in Florence, if you like... :-) btw no, there's no pass for trenitalia or Italo.. Trains are just as you saw. I agree with the suggestion of blablacar ‎· 1la
blablacar is made to connect people that have to go in a place and would like to have someone else in the car to share costs with other people that could be interested to go in the same place: so usually you can't ask for a custom travel, but if your destination matches with otner's then you can share costs and pay a little :) ‎· Batchiara
if you have a bit more time you can maybe find regional trains. they took 3 times the fast ones, but they are usually very cheap (and so you will see Bologna, mandatory) ‎· fewdayslate
to find cheap connections you can use ffs.ch which is actually the swiss train company, but it's more easy for foreign to understand regional trains (cheap, marked with R) compared to all others. Both trenitalia (frecce trains) and italo are fast and usually more expensive trains. You probably cannot book regional trains in advance, but you don't need to reserve any ticket. (and good luck). ‎· fewdayslate
for a cheaper connection between florence and rome, you should try private bus service, but i'll need more time for that, for being more precise. sometimes, anyway, http://www.goeuro.com/ has some good answers. Let me know in case! ‎· fewdayslate
Pay a visit to Turin, sooner or later ‎· Ubikindred
ı was searching for goeuro for a day. i lost all the booksmarks a month ago and i was about to go crazy:( thank you so much for reminding me that @fewdayslate ‎· Pudra
@ubikindred i wanted to see cities besides that wellknown ones(venice,rome etc) but my friends insisted so here i am. next time i will do that and also visit sicily ‎· Pudra
@batchiara i checked for the calendar but there wasnt available transportation on the days we are going to travel and also, 3 women and 3 big suitcases:) i dont think that would be possible ‎· Pudra
we both dont trust ourselves about driving. but now i wish we rented a car:( so we will have a chance to see other cities ‎· Pudra
I'm so sorry, anyway it's just for bus, for other connection ffs.ch is unbeatable. have fun, and if you need help, here we are! ‎· fewdayslate
frankly, i didnt understand anything when i try to search for trains on ffs.ch:) ‎· Pudra
But Goeuro has train schedules? @fewdayslate ‎· Pudra
oh and also, i think i should buy a local simcard? what company will you prefer? and i need internet access of course? cheapest and fastest one will be appriciated:) ‎· Pudra
They told all about rail links, if you want I can point you some places to eat well on budget in Naples ‎· cogitabondo
And also @1la and @cogitabondo i need your suggestions, i.will be happy if you do ‎· Pudra
let me get back home and I'll try to be more useful ‎· fewdayslate
You are very kind^^ ‎· Pudra
@pudra so: from here, which is the national railway service, http://www.trenitalia.com/tcom-en (page in english for you!) be sure to have ticked "regional" instead of "frecce". That is the cheap train service. (as in this image) http://i.imgur.com/OvNEOfb.jpg ‎· fewdayslate
then when you are in the result screen: http://i.imgur.com/ybG4Df9.jpg (as you see the cheap train is 1/3 than the fast one, and sometimes timing is not so different). ‎· fewdayslate
you can notice that every cheap solution is mentioned as REGIONALE. That is the only cheap solution you can find. You can simply go to any station on daytime and do that ticket without reserve any place. That is really the only option I can think of to help you. ‎· fewdayslate
Your cheap trip could be, at the end, something like: Venezia - Verona / Verona - Bologna and then change to another train Bologna - Firenze. From Firenze to Rome then you can use the bus service. (If you need more help, you can also dm me, so we maybe stop annoying other people!) ‎· fewdayslate
Well, Naples is not an expensive city, provided you avoid the tourist traps, you can eat very cheep. I recommend you try the street food, with a few euros you can eat a "pizza al portafoglio" baked or fried, fried seafood or vegetables named "cuoppi", sandwiches with caprese "buffalo mozzarella and fresh tomato" or "parmigiana di melanzane". Pizza is excellent almost everywhere, the most famous places are "Michele", "Sorbillo", "Starita", "Di Matteo", "Oliva"... in all these places a pizza margherita never costs more than 5 €. Even the desserts are good (sfogliatelle, baba, pastiere). On weekdays, in the city center, near the offices there are many restaurant-taverns that make menus for employees: eat a plate of pasta with 4-7 Euros, a full menu on the 12 euro. Behind Piazza del Plebiscito (city center), towards the sea, there are several places to dine well with about ten euro (Trattoria antichi sapori, Peperoncino birichino, Pizza amore e fantasia). I work in the area, if you were here I'lloffer you coffee ‎· cogitabondo
we managed to end our holiday. you have a nice country but too many tourists. ‎· Pudra
ive eaten the best pizza in Pompei.(because we didnt have a chance to eat it in Naples) venice sucks btw ‎· Pudra