its official. i hate riddles
Tom Riddle called, he's offended. ‎- SaeedTheGiraffe ?
@saeedgreen: during what month do people sleep the least? you are smart. heeeelp ‎- Jasmine
@jasmine February, it's the shortest month after all. ‎- SaeedTheGiraffe ?
just googled it :D ‎- SaeedTheGiraffe ?
I own a suit, but not of fabric I have a twin, but not a sibling I am very uplifting, but never emotional I can be found at a bar, but never as a customer What am I? ‎- Jasmine
@jasmine: A jack. I have no idea what it means here though :)))) ‎- SaeedTheGiraffe ?
@saeedgreen: jack like jack daniels ‎- Jasmine