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My Batman v Superman review:


Back in the 80's when I was growing up, my cousins and I were all into this superhero/comic book world and we would dream of a day of when we would get live-action versions of these stories/characters. All we had back then were the comics and cartoons and, at best, the Superman movies. We were always doing fan casting, dreamed up scenarios of team-ups, story arcs, etc. Of course, we would talk about a Batman vs. Superman movie and what it would be like. This movie was not it. If we had watched this movie back then, we would have been traumatized. The mere fact that his movie has no appeal to children is a failure unto itself. How is Warner Bros./DC going to lure youngsters if they're already in the Marvel camp? When it comes to the big tent-pole movies, Marvel is doing it right, and those are the movies we always dreamed of when we were kids. And for the adults, they have the excellent Netflix series. Yes, I am a Marvel fanboy, but I want there to be healthy competition between the two. I can say that DC is killing Marvel when it comes to the animated features. In fact, the Timm-verse as set up in the Batman, Superman, and Justice League animated series is nearly pitch-perfect when it comes to the presentation of these superheroes. They appealed to both kids and adults in that they were very well-written, fully fleshed out characters that were CONSISTENT in their actions, and interacted in a realistic manner that was FUN at the same time! And that's probably my biggest gripe about the movie. It just takes itself so g-ddamn seriously! That's probably why I didn't mind Jesse Eisenberg's performance too much... at least it looked like he was having fun. Him and Gal Gadot as well, who did bring a regalness to the role of Wonder Woman. Yes, the fight sequences were sort of fun (I'd only say above average from all the superhero movies and TV shows I've seen lately) and perhaps worth the price of admission alone. But you have to sit through a whole lot of brooding before it gets to the action. Brooding is perhaps fine for a Batman movie (which I would like to see a standalone one with Affleck, someone I underestimated and glad to see proved me wrong), but this is supposed to be a Superman movie as well, right? But I suppose that this is not my Superman, not the one I grew up with at least. In a carryover from Man of Steel, Henry Cavill may look the part of Superman, but Zack Snyder and crew never let him be the shining force of heroism that he should be. The protagonists may have had differences in philosophies, but definitely not in tone. The complete joylessness of this movie is what killed it for me. Not the gaping plot holes, the WTF moments that even die hard comic book geeks are struggling to comprehend, or the awkward shoehorning in of other franchise characters. When you have a two and a half hour movie where the audience laughs at only one (intentional) joke, there is a big problem. They f*cking shot Jimmy Olsen in the face, for Pete's sake.

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