I basically never watch this, but that moment was legendary. ‎· Julian
This Is How Blind and Visually Impaired Individuals Use Technology (With Audio Descriptions) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hx4ivoI_GmM&t=196s
That money reading app is pretty cool. ‎· orgmonkey
... and we are back.
Raw is still War.
Manchester City have locked up safety.
It is not all that cold, but all I want to do is bundle up and recover from today so that I can do it all again tomorrow.
"I'm Joe, that's Troy..."
The Eagles are going to open as favorites for Super Bowl LII; will it be by more than a touchdown?
I don't think they will be. Patriots by 3. ‎· Will
William Hill has it Patriots -7. I respectfully disagree with that opening line. [Correction: now at -5.] ‎· Julian
Given that the Eagles keep winning as underdogs, I am about to lose a Super Bowl bet with someone. ‎· Julian ‎· 1
I can't see the Eagles being considered favorites given Brady & Belichick's record of success. ‎· John B.
boy, I would love that. two of my least favorite teams, but at least a) the eagles are not the patriots b) the eagles are underdogs and c) the eagles are not the cowboys ‎· Stephªnℹ︎eCogScℹ︎Lℹ︎brªrℹ︎ªn ‎· 1
Somebody turned a Cadillac into a hot tub.
Hoodie looked like he just stepped out of the weight room in that press conference.
Go Vikings.
Fuck yes. ‎· Meg Vmeg
Only for the game coming up next. ‎· Julian
Yes please! ‎· jsholman
E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!!! ‎· Will ‎· 5
Looking like a rematch of Super Bowl XXXIX.
This will be the fifth time that the Patriots have played in the first Super Bowl to be held at a particular stadium.
Not enough time left on the clock. :-(
That went better than I thought. ‎· Julian
That helmet-to-helmet was on and with purpose.
I finally got some sleep. Still need to eat. Watching the game, and hoping my team wins.
I am a 6 foot 6 black male and I am so tired of living like this. https://www.reddit.com/r/offmychest/comments/7rmw6w/i_am_a_6_...
Found while Googling (and not for this exact subject -- though slightly related). This is along the lines of what I am feeling and experiencing right now. ‎· Julian
My mere existence is far more difficult to comprehend than you would ever think -- no matter who you are, and even if you did care. Different from everyone else to the point of invisibility out of convenience. Being "praised" (sometimes, falsely) for who and what I am *not* from comparison to common stereotypes instead of being seen and treated as an individual human being. Being written off as a *thing* less desired to be around and not even having the chance to be a person. ‎· Julian ‎· 3
I just want to belong somewhere. Anywhere. I want to be approachable, and to actually be more than the least appealing option with whom to have human interaction (because all other options are more convenient, more familiar, and more comfortable than me).
If you do not know what to do with me, I can help you with that. I just want a chance. ‎· Julian
Stop being nice to me, and call me a RETARD to my face if that is really how you feel about me. (This is especially true for complete strangers.) Honesty works better for me. ‎· Julian
Sleep is not helping.
Can u meditate? Sometimes I find a good guided meditation can calm my mind & let me rest, if not sleep. ‎· Stephªnℹ︎eCogScℹ︎Lℹ︎brªrℹ︎ªn ‎· 1
I need to not be alone right now.
Insert dumpster fire meme here.
I can totally see Amazon taking over and redeveloping the soon-to-be-former HQ of Discovery Communications.
At least a few people on Twitter seem to agree. ‎· Julian
I think I am recovering from founder's syndrome -- though it is not my own.
Huckabee Sanders Repeatedly Insists That President’s Footprints Created The Great Lakes https://politics.theonion.com/huckabee-sanders-repeatedly-ins...
This is the closest she has been to not lying. ‎· Julian
What does an ICMP joke look like?
Knock ‎· Galen Charlton ‎· 1
Knock ‎· Galen Charlton
Knock ‎· Galen Charlton