Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. I am just as unenthused as I was the first time.
as a dedicated Diet Coke drinker, the new Coke Zero Sugar does actually taste better to me, but not enough to switch. ‎· Courtney F
Coke Zero was better than Diet Coke, and it's better than Coke Zero Sugar. Long live Coke Zero! ‎· Anna C. ‎· 1
it's... fine. i'd still probably choose Zero Sugar over Diet Coke. Anna's got it right Coke Zero > Coke Zero Sugar > Diet Coke. ‎· holly
The queso. Meh.
You went to Chipotle, didn't you. ‎· orgmonkey ‎· 3
Guilty as charged. ‎· Julian ‎· 1
How Jim Bob Cooter evolved from Tecmo Super Bowl wizard to NFL coordinator "The Lions' Jim Bob Cooter is a "football junkie" with a gift for pushing the right buttons. And he has no plans to change his name, either."
Unanimous choice for the all-name team. ‎· Julian ‎· 1
The lighting at Mercedez-Benz Stadium in Atlanta is amazing. With certain camera angles, it looks like an outdoor day game.
Even the shadows look natural -- and tight. The whole stadium is tight and just right. ‎· Julian ‎· 2
Maybe I'll get there one day. ‎· LB: Bottsy McBottsFace
"Marty... the Imagination Agency."
One day, one of these Stanford guys will simply say, "The Farm." ‎· Julian
This Cigna commercial would have been just as good as a Super Bowl spot.
"You like that? You like that!"
MAJOFRAN - Alle Kinder
MOOP MAMA ft. Jan Delay - Alle Kinder (official video)
Disappointed that Trader Joe's does not yet have the apple cider in.
All I could do was satisfy my Kerrygold shortage and pick up at least one impulse item. ‎· Julian ‎· 2
Gus Johnson is going to need two weeks to recover after this one -- especially if USC can come back in the last minute.
USC will win this. ‎· Julian
That freshman kicker is going to have an excellent rest of his weekend. ‎· Julian
You can't spell Citrus without UT...
Starting to look that way now. ‎· Julian
Well...that was exciting. ‎· Julian
I had forgotten that the Juggalos are marching today.
Goat yoga. Thoughts?
I'd try it. ‎· LB: Bottsy McBottsFace
Not baaaaaaad! ‎· bentley ‎· 6
Nope. They like to climb, and I don't need the extra weight in the poses that they're usually pictured standing on people. They also like to chew on things, and I'm not about to risk my clothing or mat. ‎· Kirsten
Cute in theory. Annoying in practice. I've had my dogs try to "help" me doing yoga. Not helpful. And I like them. ‎· Jilli ‎· 1
Goat yogurt: 100%! ‎· Micah ‎· 4
The Coke vs. Pepsi challenge. At this point, you know which is which. It is now down to a matter of preference -- or making sure you do not upset anyone if you are in Georgia.
I saw it happen once, maybe 20 years ago. I think they were supposed to randomize which was on the left and which on the right, but the college students working the table didn't bother with that. It was a straightforward left-right switch every single time. Idiots. ‎· bentley ‎· 1
I still get annoyed at Taco Bell when I have to choose a Pepsi product. :P ‎· LB: Bottsy McBottsFace ‎· 3
(taco bell --> pizza hut & taco bell song...) ‎· StephanieCogSciLibrarian ‎· 1
Mike Gundy. He's a man. He's 50. He has a glorious mullet.
How soon is too soon to relegate Palace?
"The man with no number..."
Whisky finished in beer barrels. That is a new one.
I guess we can cross Fox Sports off the list of destinations for Jemele Hill. ‎· Julian
Additionally, I expect Clay Travis to not get in trouble at all with his employers. ‎· Julian
When Boise State lines up in the wildcat, their opponent goes, "Rut Roh!"
One of these years... flu shot. Hoping that doing this the old-fashioned way will go away soon, before it cramps my style.
To quote Joe Buck, "That is a disgusting act..."
I need my vim, vigor, and emacs back. This cold has taken all of my extra motivation.
"Please fear my wrath..."