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My right ear suddenly went a bit flat today. I noticed then when a ring tone was a bit lower than expected on the right -- and then definitely noticed that the left side was correct. Either I am super-stressed and sleep-deprived right now or this is the beginning of the end of my hearing life.


:( I hope some rest and relaxation will set things straight.

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Otherwise, I am forever out of balance (and in need of learning another language).

 ‎· Julian

I sure hope some sleep helps!

 ‎· Galadriel

Can you try one of those ear drops and irrigation bulb combos that they sell at the drug store? I hear (ha) that it actually works, you just have to use the drops for up to a week.

 ‎· Meg Vmeg

Something like what Meg suggested might help. Or maybe see a doctor. I occasionally get a feeling like that, but it's always been temporary.

 ‎· John B.

This sounds rather like what my ears do when my allergies are really bad, just fyi. Definitely temporary.

 ‎· Kirsten

TL;DR go get that ear checked out Commiserations - my left ear has been fading for a while & about a year ago I was wearing headphones that shorted into my right ear, it's been a non-trivial journey. Fading/questionable/poor hearing makes auditory socializing challenginger than usual. OTOH, every summer since forever ago one ear or the other would 'go flat' as you describe & it almost always turned out to be swimmer's ear that an ear flush (by the Dr) or changing season into autumn would fix.

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