I need a healthy hobby. Suggestions welcome. (Well... admittedly, I am desperately requesting suggestions.)
Would something like hiking, nature photography, geocaching or something similar be appealing? ‎· Jennifer D.
Couch to 5K (C25K)? A very gentle way to start jogging. ‎· jsholman
Orienteering? ‎· bentley
Kayaking ‎· Christina Pikas
Ingress? I hear thats good fr long walks ‎· hedgielib
I'm on 7th week of C25K and running (a very slow) 4K now, which is incredible for me as I was literally never leaving the couch before. (except for skiing one week a year). Recommended. ‎· jörmün
Primitive Technology! Basically you make civilization from scratch, for fun. https://www.youtube.com/primitivetechnology ‎· Kickdrum
A martial art ‎· copystar
coloring books (not kidding - I'm doing this a lot these days) ‎· lris
Cycling! There are different kinds of cycling: touring, racing, cross....just plain ol' recreational cycling for fun. ‎· Spidra Webster